Monday, April 30, 2012

Vintage sewing patterns

I dunno about you but my love of vintage sewing patterns has had me searching all over the internet for ones to buy or freebies and sometimes i get lucky while other times i take a time out for tylenol. So for those of you who love vintage without the searching headache below i have listed what i consider the "gems" of searching. Hope you enjoy and if you know of a wonderful hard to find site please let me know so i can add it to the list! Most are reproductions its hard to find originals and even harder to afford them(sometimes you can get lucky though) This site is Awesome and was quite hard to find(which is such a pity!) There are so many doll patterns and plush patterns for some doll examples look for snow white and the seven dwarfs one of my personal favorites is the puss n boots pattern that originally led me to this awesome site! To go directly to the index click here to go straight to pdf toy patterns(crochet and knitting patterns to!) at reasonable prices click here make sure to scroll down on the left side to see all the site has to offer. lots of different patterns all originals no reproductions great resource for doll clothing patterns

Happy Crafting

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