Monday, December 12, 2011

Care bears sewing patterns

I wanted to show my care bear cousins patterns with everyone. It started when i came across lionheart on ebay who unfortunately was in such a bidding war that i was not able to buy him. No matter it started a mission since i remember the care bears from my own childhood and while the bears were okay i really liked the cousins! Plus i figured they would be a great way to understanding pattern making on different animals.There are 10 and some took weeks to find while others took no time at all! I don't know yet if ill try to collect all the bears ive had  a hard time figuring out exactly how many their are. Do any of you  collect specific patterns? Id love to hear about any kind of collection youve got and how you got started. Also if you are looking for a specific pattern and would like me to keep an eye out let me know id be glad to help!
From left to right top to bottom: Butterick patterns year 1985
    TOP: Gentle heart lamb 3369 / Treat heart pig 3375 / Playful heart monkey 368 / Swift heart Rabbit 362 / Proud heart cat 3377
    Bottom: Cozy heart penguin 3379 / Brave heart lion 3374 / Loyal heart dog 3371 / Lotsa heart elephant 3368 / Bright heart raccoon 3380

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rainbow dash begins

So after putting twilight sparkle up for adoption on both etsy and ebay I was surprised that with over 70 views and 5 watchers that lil twilight was bought off of etsy, i actually prefer etsy since it's a buy now kinda thing so there's not the pounding heart up at 2:30am hoping you win the bid. So upon insistance from my mlp fan ive decided to make them all, up next is rainbow dash.
Reference picture sorry for the funny rainbow i took a pic of my computer screen seems appropriate for rainbow dash though!
 The pattern is my own, Im still tweaking to  figure out what i like. Twilight sparkle's nose wasnt really seen but i absolutely LOVED her cutie mark amazing what time and redo over and over will accomplish not overly sure what i have in store for rainbows though. Suggestions? Embroidery(see twilight sparkle post) or beading? maybe felt cloud and embroidered or beaded rainbow?

 WINGS!! Im actually excited about this part i like how they look but may tweak and redo never know till the mind makes up the mind lol.
Got the hair cut(probably the part that takes the longest! So far so good will post finished pics. What's the next pony i should start?

(I am in no way affiliated with hasbro or the hub and/or MLP brand I am just the mother of a huge fan and this is my interpretation of a much loved character)

PS I would suggest people to watch I love that these remade ponies cannot fix things with hugs and bubble gum dreams, they've really made each character have a personality and for children the lessons are outstanding.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friendship Bunnies

So here they are Friendship bunnies!! So cute and for sale on etsy! Check them out by clicking on my shop tab up top. Let me know what you think.
 All hand done thinking about a fox next..................

Gift from Janice @ for being follower #100

So I saw this gorgeous Give-away titled Paula(check it out here also there is a picture of paula and a link on my sidebar) I entered and to my surprise the wonderful janice sent me a note saying she had a goodie bag for being follower #100!! On saturday i opened my mailbox to see..........(check it out below)
 So awesome and the fabric used to make this bag was simply awesome! Janice has told me that this fab bag once held antique lace and ribbons by etsy seller redstripevintage(I will be taking a peek at this shop soon!)
A grand look at the simply fab goodies
 Included besides her awesome booh bear card was a packet of french laundry powder from the scent is essence of jasmine & roses it's a scent that will have your sheets smelling good through kid's dog's, and huband's. Plus it got my 4 year old to ask if mommy would like help with laundry thats a SOLD for me!! Then of course there were bags of goodies a bag of very pretty beads(awesome for crown jewels) a whole bag of ribbon flowers and ribbon bows! Plus a very awesome bag of embroidery thread with a very cute bear sticker and to top it all off a bouquet of pretty little flowers.
 3 Different types of wool felt! From Edinburgh Imports! Also 1 square of mohair 1square synthetic, in the words of my 2 year old "Oh happy day!".
All in all best goodie bag EVER!! Thank you janice! Check out her divine bears at

Monday, November 14, 2011


So just awhile ago i bought a PDF from a wonderful shop called FarfallaDesignStudio on etsy talk about a head turner there are over 200 items in this shop, below are just a couple samples! It's stuffed with beautiful clothing patterns from early 1900s through 1980s which are simply divine! This shop also contains vintage items, childrens clothing, toy patterns, Lisa's shop is full of vintage goodness!! The best part that i found was Lisa who was simply lovely to buy from, while also being wonderful conversation, a true tribute to etsy sellers. A must see patterns combined with the most divine seller all at a lil shop called FarfallaDesignsStudio.
(All photo's are property of FarfallaDesignStudio ive only used them to show you what treasure's are in her store)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Friendship bears

New to Stitchintreasures Etsy shop Friendship bears!! I will be creating a line of these darlings is there any animal you would love to see? Also have you thought of an even better name? Let me know!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finished and off to etsy
First we have a pocket lizard he's just felt so he can be used as a bookmark or to spy under doors and to hang out in pockets! 5 1/2inches

Next we have a stuffed lizard who would love to hang in a plant or under a pillow and of course have many adventures!! 5 1/2inches

MLP FANS here is twilight sparkle! My daughter arielle's favorite im pleased but not in love not yet i will continue to tweak but wanted to share and she will be on etsy. 6 inches

Boredom and Curtains

So this is how it happened, I had to go downstairs to the basement to do laundry(im not the only person that dreads laundry am i??) when i tripped over an old set of curtain's made of a coarse material while an idea as what to do with these curtains i spotted a piece of foam(i have no idea where it came from things "appear" in our basement since it spans the length of the house i havent the slightest what is down there) So upon seeing these two things and because i have way to many pincusions i decided to make a big pincusion that would hold all the needles while keeping them somewhat seperated. Here is what i came up with. I used some buttons i got off ebay for color and the size reminded me of a package so its a button stamp and looked a bit ug so i split it up with ribbon from a very lovely woman whom upon stopping at her yardsale sold me a decent sized box of ribbon buttons mouse thing-a-ma-jigs over all many odds and ends for 3.00!! I was so happy i about cleaned her out until my husband gave me the look. For anyone in a relationship you know the look(yes even pets can do this)! And the funny snowflake thing earring yep i have a bunch of "junk" jewelry that i love to find new projects for. I think it's pretty good for literally tripping and whoa-La idea.