Monday, November 21, 2011

Gift from Janice @ for being follower #100

So I saw this gorgeous Give-away titled Paula(check it out here also there is a picture of paula and a link on my sidebar) I entered and to my surprise the wonderful janice sent me a note saying she had a goodie bag for being follower #100!! On saturday i opened my mailbox to see..........(check it out below)
 So awesome and the fabric used to make this bag was simply awesome! Janice has told me that this fab bag once held antique lace and ribbons by etsy seller redstripevintage(I will be taking a peek at this shop soon!)
A grand look at the simply fab goodies
 Included besides her awesome booh bear card was a packet of french laundry powder from the scent is essence of jasmine & roses it's a scent that will have your sheets smelling good through kid's dog's, and huband's. Plus it got my 4 year old to ask if mommy would like help with laundry thats a SOLD for me!! Then of course there were bags of goodies a bag of very pretty beads(awesome for crown jewels) a whole bag of ribbon flowers and ribbon bows! Plus a very awesome bag of embroidery thread with a very cute bear sticker and to top it all off a bouquet of pretty little flowers.
 3 Different types of wool felt! From Edinburgh Imports! Also 1 square of mohair 1square synthetic, in the words of my 2 year old "Oh happy day!".
All in all best goodie bag EVER!! Thank you janice! Check out her divine bears at


  1. You are so sweet, Jess! Thank you for sharing and for being follower #100 on my blog! Best wishes for winning Paula, too! xoxo, Janice