Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rainbow dash begins

So after putting twilight sparkle up for adoption on both etsy and ebay I was surprised that with over 70 views and 5 watchers that lil twilight was bought off of etsy, i actually prefer etsy since it's a buy now kinda thing so there's not the pounding heart up at 2:30am hoping you win the bid. So upon insistance from my mlp fan ive decided to make them all, up next is rainbow dash.
Reference picture sorry for the funny rainbow i took a pic of my computer screen seems appropriate for rainbow dash though!
 The pattern is my own, Im still tweaking to  figure out what i like. Twilight sparkle's nose wasnt really seen but i absolutely LOVED her cutie mark amazing what time and redo over and over will accomplish not overly sure what i have in store for rainbows though. Suggestions? Embroidery(see twilight sparkle post) or beading? maybe felt cloud and embroidered or beaded rainbow?

 WINGS!! Im actually excited about this part i like how they look but may tweak and redo never know till the mind makes up the mind lol.
Got the hair cut(probably the part that takes the longest! So far so good will post finished pics. What's the next pony i should start?

(I am in no way affiliated with hasbro or the hub and/or MLP brand I am just the mother of a huge fan and this is my interpretation of a much loved character)

PS I would suggest people to watch I love that these remade ponies cannot fix things with hugs and bubble gum dreams, they've really made each character have a personality and for children the lessons are outstanding.


  1. My word Jess :-) Going to have to visit here more often :-) x x x

  2. Hi Jess, thank you for the sweet comment you left for me on my blog! I wish I could tell you where my inspiration comes from but honestly, I don't know. It's more of a "go with the flow" thing for me. I've been crazy quilting for 10 years now and I'm constantly finding new techniques and new color combinations and with my access to flea markets and antique shops, I always seem to find cool embellishments which just adds so much to whole process for me.

    Thank you again for stopping by!