Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boredom and Curtains

So this is how it happened, I had to go downstairs to the basement to do laundry(im not the only person that dreads laundry am i??) when i tripped over an old set of curtain's made of a coarse material while an idea as what to do with these curtains i spotted a piece of foam(i have no idea where it came from things "appear" in our basement since it spans the length of the house i havent the slightest what is down there) So upon seeing these two things and because i have way to many pincusions i decided to make a big pincusion that would hold all the needles while keeping them somewhat seperated. Here is what i came up with. I used some buttons i got off ebay for color and the size reminded me of a package so its a button stamp and looked a bit ug so i split it up with ribbon from a very lovely woman whom upon stopping at her yardsale sold me a decent sized box of ribbon buttons mouse thing-a-ma-jigs over all many odds and ends for 3.00!! I was so happy i about cleaned her out until my husband gave me the look. For anyone in a relationship you know the look(yes even pets can do this)! And the funny snowflake thing earring yep i have a bunch of "junk" jewelry that i love to find new projects for. I think it's pretty good for literally tripping and whoa-La idea.

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